PDF : GOODWIN SQYX Reply To LSBC Aug 8 2015

Coronation Oath 1953     SINCE TIME BEGAN    TRC Final Report 2015
LSBC : Legal Professions Act : Unauthorized Practice : CANLII
"I commend to your reading, consideration and reply : Information Regarding Absolute Monarchies Paramount To Constitutional Monarchies : Turtle Island North : under my penmanship; per advisement from legal scholars with backgrounds from the UN International Law Division" - Quoted from Goodwin (SQYX) Page 2, below : Chairperson, Touchstone Committee Since 1975

The Promise & / Or Threat By EIIR Canada, et al, To Prosecute the Undersigned Goodwin | Shqwi'qwal Yuxwuletun
For Contempt Of BC Supreme Court Greyell.J Order
namely, likelihood of indefinite imprisonment
To Cease And Desist From The Alleged Breaching Of The Legal Profession Act of British Columbia : Namely, Allegedly Giving Legal Advice
Prosecution & Decision-Making In The Absence Of Authority Arising From Treaty By Legally Competent Parties

Dear Mister Kleisinger | Staff Lawyer | Unauthorized Practice | Law Society BC
Attn : EIIR | Governor General Canada | Lt Gov British Columbia | Greyell. J : Joint and Several

In this Matter Of Alleged Breach Of Customary Laws Of Turtle Island North (North America); including, but, not limited to alleged continued breaches of both relevant customary laws in matters of trespass; and, further, regarding international laws fundamental human, civil and political  rights regarding breaches arising from the historical and prevailing commission of Cultural Genocide by the actors as listed above :

Your letter and information, as enclosed herein, below are received.

I am instructed to proceed as Chancellor of Laws; including, but, not limited to the Great Turtle Island Federation (UN IGO registered 2013); and, the named Absolute Monarchies, below; namely, to prosecute the named addressees, supra (Kleisinger, Greyell.J, EIIR, Canada Governor General, BC Lt Governor; principal actors / agents / officers of Canada federal and BC provincial government) in these alleged matters of contravention of Turtle Island Absolute Monarchies custom laws; and, those adopted international laws, conventions and doctrines as related to Genocide; specifically, as arising through the findings of the Canada Truth and reconciliation Final Report : Cultural Genocide. An international CSSP Tribunal will conduct this court.

I commend to your reading, consideration and reply : Information Regarding Absolute Monarchies Paramount To Constitutional Monarchies : Turtle Island North : under my penmanship; per advisement from legal scholars with backgrounds from the UN International Law Division

As you will note by reviewing the transcript from the BC Supreme Court Greyell.J "trial" Case S67804 : My absolute silence and refusal to respond to the Law Society of BC allegations was only abandoned through my one entitled command statement to Judge Greyell, in challenging his alleged authority to hold "court", was to instruct him to rise and depart until invited to return - which he refused to comply with; therein, continuing to render a "judgment" in contravention of the Canada Human Rights and War Crimes Act; and, Canada's UN Charter undertaking regards the Chapter VII; illicit hostile military occupancy in absence of prior UN Security Council sanction 
  1. This said "trial" was convened in breach of customary and international law standards; specifically,
  2. I attended under duress - per my authority as Shqwi'qwal Yuxwuletun (SQYX) | LawSpeaker on behalf of the Absolute Monarchies of the Consecutively Settled Sovereign Peoples (CSSP) of the Nation States of the Inter-Governmental Organization Turtle Island North | Great Turtle Island North, as recognized and registered at the IGO United Nations in May 2013; and, including, the associative additional Absolute Monarchies arising from within the 1100 continued, non-diminished CSSP
  3. Also, attending as declared Absolute Monarchs of Consecutively Settled Sovereign Nation States of Turtle Island North was (A) HRH Kathy Bickle, Snuneymuxw (Nanaimo); (B) HRH Ernest Crocker Saylhiye, Stz'uminus (Chemainus); (C) my mother, HRH Ruby Mary Peter Alphonse Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem, Kwa'mutsun (Quamichan); and, additional witnesses : (D) Leo B Peter, Kwa'mutsun, son of HRH Hwuneem; (E) RCMP officer B Ruby Sam, daughter of HRH Hwuneem; (E) Indigenous Rights Scholar Meaghan Champion; additionally,
  4. Proxies of attendance on behalf of HRH of GTIF (Great Turtle Island Federation) were filed and held by HRH Hwuneem; who reported the issues arising from this "trial" S67804
  5. SQYX Goodwin  will submit factum information to the stated international CSSP judicious Tribunal regarding the corruption of truth in the allegations contained in the Kleisinger / BC Law Society allegations and complaints; specifically, as related to the matter of jurisdiction of law.
ADDENDUM :  Regarding attending to your continued communications and my responses : I would have you note that I am the primary (POA) care-giver to two terminally ill veterans; further, that I am the central coordinator between Veteran's Affairs, VIHA, hospitals; families and friends; and, in the case of one veteran, I am the central negotiator between Canada Defence Department; Wounded Warriors and this Third Party on behalf of patents and copyrights regarding advanced green energy solutions to Canada's infrastructure, including military deployment logistics.

While , you -Mister Kleisinger / LSBC- may consider your complaint entitlements to be prima facie; I do encourage you to consider that any demand of attendance by me to respond to any complaint of contempt (of which I do contend is baseless) will be predicated by my paramount legal obligations to these two said veterans.

It is best to remember that BC provincial court records attest to my attendance as qualified legal counsel; that I have never accepted legal fees for my work; and, that I was privately mentored for 30 years by my law professor, federal QC Marvin Stark; who highlighted his practice with aboriginal advocacies; namely, why sign treaties ? Sign trade agreements with qualified parties like the Empire of the Netherlands with the Haudenosaunee 400 continuous years since 1613 Two Row Wampum. The HBC Charter became null and void in 1697; and, was originally -within the Charles II Charter - prohibited from purchasing land titles in foreign territories. Neither the HBC nor the 1867 "Founding fathers" possessed any legal capacity to enter into the historical land purchase - particularly, regarding Consecutively Settled Sovereign Peoples rights under the Free Prior Informed Consent Conventions and Doctrines.

huy'ch'qu' / thank you /  merci / miiqwich
Ralph Charles Goodwin / SQYC / Chancellor of Laws
cc : GTIF and associate Absolute Monarchical Sovereign Nation States in Turtle Island North